Flutter by Sue

Fused Glass Cornwall


Flutter by Sue is a family-run studio where we create, design and produce unique yet affordable Homeware, Jewellery and Gifts.


All products are handcrafted and kiln fired in a Paragon Fusion 7 Digital Glass Kiln at our workshop overlooking the natural beauty of the Cober Valley in West Cornwall.

Our glass is kiln fired at temperatures in excess of 800 degrees C. The process of fusing the glass takes around 12 hours. The glass then needs to be allowed

to cool slowly to prevent thermal shock which can cause the glass to break. If the fused glass is to be made into a trinket dish, spoon rest or bowl it is then placed onto a ceramic mould and is reheated to around 750 degrees C. At this temperature the glass slumps to take on the shape of the mould. The glass is again cooled slowly to avoid stresses within it.

We use Bullseye and Dichroic glass to create all our fused glass products. When choosing what glass to fuse it is extremely important that the glasses are compatible. Bullseye Glass is specifically design to be fused and Dichroic glass is an offshoot of the space industry, it filters light so the colours within change in a beautifully dramatic way, this is achieved by no absorptive pigments being used in the making of the glass. This allows all of the light energy to be either reflected or transmitted and, in turn, creates the rich colors that are characterized with this glass.We aim to source our

materials locally where possible. Many of our products utilise recycled material which is in keeping with the company's green etho.


We cut all the glass by hand. The process of cutting or trimming the glass to shape is done on cold glass which has either been fused or not. A specialised glass cutter is used to score the glass and the glass is then pressured along the score causing it to split apart.


Our pieces are normally created using two to four layers of glass, one or more of the layers are smaller pieces, which creates depth and pattern. When all the layers are assembled we fire it. This process can take one to two days, depending on the complexity of the pieces.

Due to the handcrafted nature of our fused glass , no two pieces can ever be exactly the same. This adds to its very unique quality.